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TrustGuid provides peace of mind, one message at a time.

Fraud & Scam Stats


Money lost to scammers


Money lost to fraud

Trust has never mattered more in retail

Email Security

Reach out with more trustworthy email marketing

Secure Notifications

Notify customers about payment issues with a secure email.

Reach out to your consumers with secure calls

When customers can verify your calls, they’re so much more likely to pick up.


Make every SMS Trusted and Secure

Engaging messaging

Use SMS marketing to really grow your business.

Effective outreach

Provide secure notifications with the push of a button

How to integrate

We’ll get you started, no matter how you communicate

Office 365

Our experts will provide the seamless integration you need.


Discover a whole new way to build customer relationships.

Exchange Server

Make sure trust is at the center of everything you do.


Signing your messages makes all the difference to your customers


Trustworthy messages are more effective messages.


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