Build trust across every level

TrustGuid is instant proof that the right people are reaching out

Fraud & Scam Stats


Money lost to scammers


Money lost to fraud

Trust matters when key decisions are being made

Email Security

Make sure scams are never associated with key policies

Secure Notifications

Ensure voters, citizens, and third parties know everything is right.

Trusted SMS solutions for the world of big government

Safe messaging

SMS messaging is a great tool, as long as everyone trusts it.

Trusted outreach

Make sure everyone believes who you are on day one.

Time to talk to an

Protect your revenue

$2 Billion was lost to fraudulent scams last year alone.

Track phishing attacks

Always be the first to know if you’re in danger.

Build trust with customers

Let them know that you’re always on their side.

Stop the scams

99% of scams begin with an electronic message or call.


Talk to everyone in a way they will

When an account holder can verify your calls, they’ll be sure to
take your call.