Build trust with every customer and client

TrustGuid delivers updates everyone can trust

Fraud & Scam Stats


Money lost to scammers


Money lost to fraud

Trust matters more when deadlines are on the line

Email Security

Secure updates and tracking information are always verifiable.

Secure Notifications

Instant updates on package locations can be verified with ease.

SMS solutions logistics providers trust

Safe messaging

Use SMS messaging to beat scams and provide updates

Trusted outreach

Make sure scams never get tied to your brand name.

Time to talk to an expert

Protect your revenue

$2 Billion was lost to fraudulent scams last year alone.

Track phishing attacks

Always be the first to know if you’re in danger.

Build trust with customers

Let them know that you’re always on their side

Stop the scams

99% of scams begin with an electronic message or call.


Reach out to customers of all sizes

When a customer can verify your calls, they’ll always trust what
you say